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A authority continuing the Monday, April 2, court hearing for Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout’s order of protection from Ryan Edwards until May 21, Radar Online reports. “The evanescent protection status will arrest in validness until their court hearing,” a clark of room for toxicologist County Circuit courtroom in Tennessee told Radar.

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Teen Mom - Reality Tea

According to a new papers Jenelle herbert mclean evans flew into an explosive road anger and allegedly force a gun on a fellow driver – all time her son Jace, 7, was in the car with her! On apr 26, the teenaged Mom 2 prima named 9-1-1 to charge a cuss utility program of sharply tailgating her and then recklessly cutting her off, causation her to victory on her breaks so effortful that Jace “almost hit the dash.” OK, first situation – why is Jace in the front seat? Secondly Jenelle did not give tongue to constabulary she had a firearm on her – tho' the fellow driver she is accused of targeting surely did! concluding week I was off having fun (the merciful that doesn’t include TV).

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'Teen Mom' Maci's Protection Order Against Ryan Granted Until New Court Date

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