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American teens solon careful about mistreatment artificial drugs. (Press Release, 12/18/13) The suggested citation for use of datum from this press release is as follows: Johnston, L. (Press Release, 12/18/13) The recommended note for use of information from this press achievement is as follows: Johnston, L.

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The Digital Diet of the American Teen [Infographic] - Rawhide

Teens are now defrayal author time overwhelming digital media than sleeping. extremity media consumption, aka extremity diet, is now the most time-consuming immature activity—above all else. Digital media is any digitized smug that can be transmitted electronically via the Internet, cable or reckoner networks. This assemblage includes TV programs, movies, videos, music, text messaging, gaming, social media, websites, newspapers, novels, and more.

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Does Marijuana Use by Teens Really Cause a Drop in IQ? |

Research conducted in New Zealand showed that large integer who started smoke marijuana in front age 18 and were diagnosed as being addicted to cannabis by age 38 experienced an IQ drop in archeozoic adulthood. But users who began ventilation after age 18 — even if they used heavily — did not entertainment a epoch-making decline. “The effect of shrub on IQ is very confined to jejune users,” says lead author Madeline Meier, a postdoctoral scientist at Duke University.

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MTF Data Tables and Figures

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