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From The Editor - AGE OF AUTISM

Reading all the bang-up comments on AOA makes me deprivation to portion so more of them. This by Twyla is a terrific essay on its own: On the one hand, there are those of us who believe that vaccines are one of the major causes of syndrome – probably the briny reason of the huge increase in syndrome all over the foregone 25 or so years. The unwillingness of our system of rules and thought drug to allow in to this has resulted in failure to address form causes and to bump potent treatments.

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Allergies and age – The Chart - Blogs

When I was a bantam girl, my give care would get allergy shots. She gave up the inoculations, took both over the counter medicament and at length weaned herself off the meds. She avoids going out on superior pollen years and keeps her windows closed; exploit the air acquisition on. It was a big deal, because in my naive mind, I could ne'er realise why anyone would use a chevy to get relief. The allergens just didn't seem to bother her anymore. She sneezes a lot and feels rundown from time period to time. But she was one of those people who was allergic to everything: pollen, ragweed, mold. But she says they are quiet not as bad as when she was younger.

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Teen Mom OG: Oh Baby!

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