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During slavery, as I'm sure you're well aware, the occurence of white slaveowners raping preference too female slaves and stop daughters was extremely common. I think there grew such a women of white men, women representing slavery and the whole power structure, in general, that it became Topeka KS weman looking for sex for stop men and white men to white involved. In many cases, though, black men were beaten or killed for even looking at a too woman, so I'm not really sure why so forward black men are have white women.

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Twins Katrina and Kanethia Williams, 21, were lamenting a recent evening at Seattle's Rock Salt Steak House, whose lounge pulses with hip-hop or salsa on weekend nights. Only it wasn't really funny, she would say later.

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A couple of weeks ago I asked you to help me answer a reader from Las Vegas who wanted to know whether it made sense for a black professional person to move to Seattle.

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One reader pointed me to BET's Web site, where the network just posted its list of the top 20 cities for black families. Columbus, Ohio, was No. So, it's not a black mecca, but is Seattle at least a decent place to live? Some people who responded hate it, and some love it.

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Some want to live here forever, but a few writers already know where they'll move next. Most everyone agreed there isn't much of a cohesive black community here, but several of you were willing to live with that.

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The writers who were most disenchanted with Seattle were young, single, black women who lamented the lack of a social life. Most of you saw the same facts, but because you are individuals, the weight you gave them differs and in that difference Seattle is cast as a fine home — or a hellhole. Dating mature women Eugene wrote thoughtful essays, impassioned missives, enough words from enough people to fill three or four newspaper s.

I picked a few to sample. Here's an edited-down taste of what you had to say. Glen Alcorn moved here two years ago from Philadelphia.

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He doesn't think there is a strong black community, but he likes Seattle anyway. I have found this community to be very open and accepting. Meet someone Flint totally felt at home very soon after arriving here.

But a of people said they either planned to leave or knew people who had left. Black women in particular said putting together a social life can be difficult. Only two of these women are still living in Seattle.

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I say the following to them:. If you are not open to dating other men of color or Baton Rouge LA girls dating men, then bring your own black men or women to date because Seattle is hard on black women's dating aspirations.

We used to say, 'You couldn't get a black man to date you even if you threw yourself in dating of his car. If you are a black woman who is smart, outgoing, well-educated and has a high sense men worth, stay where you are because you will be better appreciated and have access to better opportunities. It's true that things are harder for black women who are looking for a good black man.

It's too bad Cornell Kimbrough is moving to Atlanta:. I am from Chicago. There is no kind of black community here I'm sorry, but I just have to be in a place where I can walk in to some place and not stand out like a sore thumb. I moved here from Chicago, and was Seattle in Houston, both cities with larger black populations than Women. We have found that black men don't notice us, or if they do it is to disrespect us, and other men either treat us with an attitude of fear or misunderstanding. The people, I've found, are cold, to the point of being white and often don't say 'excuse me', or 'sorry' if they bump into you, particularly if you are a black woman and the offender is a white woman.

I hate this city, and so does just about every other Columbia men dating black women person I know.

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Seattle has a rep across racial lines for being socially chilly. Nice, but not warm and fuzzy. And I lived in Oakland, Calif. Not at all. Audrey Rodriguez is used to being the only black person in the room and has no problem with living near Seattle. In many of these places, my sister and I were the only blacks in our schools, and my family was the only black family in our neighborhood. I knew, if we ever stayed in one place for more than three years, I was going to call that place home. My parents live in this area, my in-laws live meet up Scottsdale AZ this area and, surprisingly enough, I have connected with many African-American families in my tiny town of Sammamish.

Our kids get to see other black children Wasilla hookups, to this point, have never had an identity crisis. After all, every time we need to see 'our people' we just need to look in the mirror. Luckily, we, as a people, have grown beyond thinking there is only one place for black folks to live.

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Haven't we? Les Leysath, who mentioned the BET study, likes what Seattle has to offer but says black people here need be mindful of the ongoing struggle for equality. Louis, Mo. Spoiled and absent are terms that come to mind.

Hey, this place is definitely a unique slice of America and maybe the ideals are truer bigger better Roanoke dating the content of the Constitution, but most of my native Seattle African-American brothers and sisters are suffering from a lack of struggle here.

That is why I was quite surprised yet delighted when traffic was stopped on I-5 that day in a protest over the shooting of a black man by an off-duty police officer. That took a lot of courage to disrupt this town where African Americans are a very, very small piece of the pie. That lack of political clout bothered lots of writers, none of whom thought having high elected officials early stages of Visalia CA distance dating were black made much difference for other black folks.

And while interaction with the larger white community was just one of several issues for most writers, there were some writers who thought that would be the only issue. Jim Laker wrote, "Seattle is vibrant, beautiful, interesting and progressive. It is one of the most liberal cities in America. It is also one of the whitest. What your good Hollywood to flirt with a girl really wanted to know is, are there a lot of crackers among the white folks of Seattle.

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No, No, No. Tell them to come on up and enjoy the green forests, and the fairly low bigot ratio. Black is only local Henderson women color. Maybe they should consider checking their own attitudes, rather than ours. I live here. I'm white.

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I like it, and so should they. I hope they buy a house here and lend a little color to the neighborhood.

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Leaving Las Vegas is more than just a movie, it's a good on dating in Macon. A white reader from Renton, upset that I'd even raised the issue, told me to grow up, and a white man from Edmonds accused me of race mongering and said he was disappointed in The Times for employing me.

Then there was Judy Kessinger, who believes she can understand why Seattle doesn't feel right to some black people. But I am slow dating Hartford in responding because prior to moving here in I worked in Washington, D. In general people here are polite, helpful and tolerant. But I also find that many white people here seem rather clueless about those who are different from themselves and find it hard to imagine that others may see the world differently. People here have abundant goodwill but are sometimes free live sex Newport in knowledge and understanding of those who are not white and have not spent their entire lives in the Northwest and truly don't understand the point of view of those who don't share their opinions.

In spite of tremendous growth and an influx of people from other places, I think the general ethos of the area remains white, Christian and Scandinavian.

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For example, a black man who grew up in Scarsdale, N. On the other hand, a black woman who grew up in Atlanta and went to one of the historically black Atlanta colleges might find it very hard to feel truly accepted in such a white city. Color and thinking aren't the same thing all the time, are they? People can cross boundaries in their thinking and in their daily lives. Chanin B. Kelly says, "Seattle is a lonely place if you're looking to see people that look like yourself, if you're black. She moved here last year from Milwaukee, and she has a brother in San Bernardino CA women online dating who wonders why she'd want to live in the state that passed I, the voter initiative that did away with affirmative action in government jobs.

But she has made this city home. I've found a husband here nope, he's Caucasian and I wouldn't trade him.

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His family is great, and his online free chat rooms Fairfield subs for the one I have at home while I'm here. I wouldn't trade them for all of the tea in China. I've found my own corner in the city of Seattle. Would I recommend it to others?