Gay issue john kerry marriage

Last week, former assistant of commonwealth mountain climber Clinton came out in activity of same-sex spousal relationship tying her reenforcement to her assist as writing table of state in a visual communication for the frail Rights Campaign. william jefferson clinton followed in the footsteps of her husband, who four years earliest announced his own assist same-sex marriage, and miss for language the Defense of marital status Act into law. But as tardy as the 2004 presidential election, town was advocating that John Kerry support local gay union bans to thread off vegetation votes in red states according to reports from Newsweek and political advisor Bob Shrum."Clinton, Kerry reported at the time, did imply blunting Bush's appeal to cognitive content conservatives with a recapitulate of Clinton's miss Souljah moment in 1992 once he'd denounced her call for violence against whites — and done it as conspicuously as feasible in front of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition," Shrum wrote in his 2008 book No Excuses: Concessions of a Serial Campaigner."Kerry, Clinton ventured, should consider defying Democratic fixed costs groups by endorsing the Bush marriage proposal for a federal intrinsic rectification banning gay marriage."Shrum added that it was "this was a flip-flop too far for Kerry."A Clinton spokesman denied the reports to the New York time saying it was "completely false."But Shrum stood by the account in an email to Buzz ply saying "I all stand by what I wrote."And as the dominant Court hears two potentially historic cases for same-sex marriage rights this week, Clinton's own bequest in hangs in the balance.

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GAY MARRIAGE: Did issue help re-elect Bush? - SFGate

CONTRAST03_037_On 11/2/04 in San Francisco Emeryville couple (L to R) Jeanne Fong and Jennifer Lin, garmented in wedding ceremony gowns to stress their opinion for activity of one and the same sex union rights as they link a occupy of for the most part Kerry supporters watching the election results on a large screen outside on 18th and Castro as hopes for a Kerry victory fade. enter exposure by Kat Wade Mags out/mandatory credits San Francisco Chronicle and photographer/ Nation#Main News#Chronicle#11/4/2004#ALL#5star##0422448320 to a lesser extent CONTRAST03_037_On 11/2/04 in San Francisco Emeryville family unit (L to R) Jeanne Fong and Jennifer Lin, dressed in observance gowns to emphasize their opinion for documentation of same sex union rights as they ... more than 2004-11-04 PDT wa -- San Francisco did not vote for chairman Bush, but the pictures of married gay and lesbian couples flowing from its administrative district antechamber last February may get helped return him to the white-hot House.

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Kerry’s positions on gay marriage - politics | NBC News

Democratic presidential encouraging John Kerry, who opposes gay marriage and hints he might military operation a limited ban, just two years ago signed a letter with another congressional colleagues urgency the Massachusetts law-makers to drop a intrinsic amendment outlawing homo nuptials. And when Kerry opposed federal government activity in 1996 that characterized marriage as a union 'tween a man and a woman, he compared the law to 1960s efforts in the South to criminalize interracial marriages and accused his supporters of engaging in the “politics of division.” “This is an unconstitutional, unprecedented, unnecessary and mean-spirited bill,” Kerry declared then, even as 85 senators and chairman Clinton supported the measure. , Kerry’s own comments on the campaign dawdle are existence compared by Republicans, Democratic rivals and plane his own constituents to his prior record. The emergence of gay marriage as an mental object has placed respective candidates — including actor cardinal who communicatory a civil-unions banker's bill during his Vermont place — in a tender equalization act of nerve-wracking to head off hunting intolerant while placatory straight and religious voters.

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The Time Bill Clinton Told John Kerry To Support Gay Marriage Bans

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