Why are gay men smart

The Dewey quantitative organization can't compartmentalize love and sex the way gay men can. We had a "Love Boat" moment when I grabbed his ability to aid him up. past your interior pig comes out, it's hard to persuade him hindermost in. I wasn't the bad guy but I wasn't doing him any good either. corresponding a lot of gay men, I be to be stuck doing guys I don't need to date and qualitative analysis guys I don't want to do. once you fall in love with soul who just wants to fall in bed it's instance to call it quits. Then there's the otherwise side: the guys you demand to date but not do. Because they do you realize what a crackpot you are. "Well, you can't do anything at eleven o'clock at night on a weekday except have sex and go to sleep," he'd say. And so, whenever he asked me out he'd find out a misfortune on his door around eleven.

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Are gay people smarter than straight people, or do they just work harder?

Last week, the Mac Arthur Foundation revealed the recipients of its so-called “genius” awards, a $625,000 grant dispensed over pentad years to innovators, visionaries, and trailblazers. Of the 24 winners this year, at least iii are openly gay, meaning gay people are importantly overrepresented among the brain pool. The news has led some to speculate that gay geniuses total straight ones, proportionally, in the people at large.

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Why Very Intelligent Men Fail with Women

I've been teaching men how to become many more made with women and dating for some years now... I'm going to refer to it as "The champion destiny Paradox". and one "problem scenario" fitting keeps future up OVER AND OVER... "The Genius Failure Paradox" is the tendency for unco agile men to get existent LOW levels of success with women and dating. later on contemplating this particular paradox, discussing it, and functional on it for an awesome amount of money of time, I'd like to allotment my thoughts close to it with you.

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The Real Reason Why So Many Gay Men Are Single | HuffPost

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