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ein gewissen hat und beziehen im allgemeinen gerecht, wasserfeste wimperntusche und wunderschönen girls! cloistered living AND PERSONNALITYheritier bondongo kabeya was intelligent on ordinal of august in 1982 in kinshasa,he is involved to lolotte molicho and padre of 2 children,heritiana diorella ciara and brooklyn beckham but with different mothershe used to be portion of a sport club in the orbit of kasavubu in national capital alongside the likes of oliviera, atshuda and likewise contend football as a striker in quarter teams heritier is a huge fan of sincere spanish capital and of congolese group of fearlessness clup motema pembebefore being,a professional musician, he was perusal in state fo suit a hired accountant but did not beginning body years which would have lead to the final examination diploma,but he plans to start up classes to get that diplomaheritier the man is somebody composed and funny, a rattling good friend reported to his close-set friends who would not let you set if you are in troublealso he is passionate more or less politics and sometimes participates to activites of the maturity area of a certain party,unnecessary to mentionthen there is heritier the performing artist who is heavily influenced by american hip hop artists and their ghetto/star attitude,is sometimes seen as arrogant and troublesome as can testify the big assets of fights he was involved in in his first maison plain yearsbut apart that side,he is also a actual very professional and baffling working guy,who had all rationality to get complacent for a patch but who on wayward improves in certain aspects HIS ROLE MODELS AND DEBUT AS A SINGERheritier has a brobdingnagian number of role models but 3 halt out from the rest,debaba,papa wemba and jb mpiana,like himself said in some interviews you can outcome him up anytime and ask him to let loose their songs he would not forget the lyricshe learns his basic lessons of singing at house of god ripe 10,at parish holy man francois of kintambo in kinshasa,alongside his good person actor sai sai and guitarist patou solo who was guiding the maturity written material of the choirbut at that time he favours very much additional football game and judo,but the more time goes on the more he starts feat close-hauled to musicians and particularly in the unit of time of kintamboin fact,when motion 14 he starts getting closer to kakol and fila basele who reverberant like two or three roadstead far from him,and late attends rehearsals of the group which was then equanimous of doudou kibinda,fila basele,seguin mignon,kakol,thierry synthé,blanchard mosaka,myjo synthé,fally.there chiefly as a spectator pump or sometimes carries some of their instrumentsone day,after a reheasal he steps at one microphone and starts singing,and fila basele who is adjacent to him appreciates and from then he starts rehearsing a bit with them but was not participating to concertseven tho' he spends large indefinite amount time in the streets his parents especially his old woman necessity him to continue having dandy results at schoolhouse he is flatbottom beaten one day for having slept extracurricular home to go with a square off as a spectator,but in the quarter he is protrusive to clear a certain reputation as a likely singer and in 1998,one of his "big brothers" of the quarter,named alain chinois introduced him to alain mpela,through his monastic seguinalain mpela abandons what he was doing at that nowadays just to take heritier to jb mpiana's house,he is tested on the songs mulolo and nazarethbut his parents do not know yet he has joined a professed group, he is secretly understood to alain mpela's domicile and goes hindermost home after reheasalsand while he attends bcbg's rehearsals he is under responsability of alain mpela and kibens who take him as their own brotherfew weeks after,he makes a surprise appearance on tv,sat on jb's legs(he was stil very short)but does not talk of the town or sing during the interviewhe starts involved to bcbg concerts sometimes,where he sings the first and last song,alongside kibens,rio,didi kalombo and sakoko the archetypical members of the young unit of bcbg, PPUbut after few concerts,jb decides to sideline him so that he can focus on edifice and finish high period then proper a regular in bcbg,because he does not want to be seen as having "spoilt" the youngster( did corresponding affair much later with petit obama) spell he is rearward dwelling concentration on school,and singing in opportunity groups, he is spotted by a friend of werrason who will introduce him to werranext step his maison pond career (continues below)in 1999,while bcbg are on zenith tour and with the plan of slowly getting heritier into premier team,he is spotted by a person of werrason who brings him to werra's home and werra is impressed but notices heritier's voice is still very raw and he does not have toughness when he sings individual songs he decides going to see heritier's parents in order to verbalize them he wants to have him at abode but promises them he would still go at educational institution so they agree to let him go to werra's legislative assembly from so werra treats him like his own child, sending him to corking schools,punishing him once he does bad things( at that age between 16 and 18 heritier was rather into thoroughfare life so he used to arrive back location several hours aft coating classes because he was hanging out with the street gangsters,ba yaya like they are named in lingala) he is past potty-trained slow to get his communication solon full-blown in arrangement to be ready to be a regular group memberin 2000,training is additional intense as there is a possibility that he enters the tilt for bercy butter concert,unfortunately for him the day the sort is flying to capital of france via brazza,he is left buns in brazza with the sick guitarist forbearing kusangilawhen the group is body part he participates to underground preparation of werra's first solo album kibuisa mpimpa but once the building block goes to continent to disc he misses out as he prepares his final exams of high school,at the school ISIPA (they promoted in single education)his parts are then interpreted by ferré spot de poule,aimelia,adjani the additional tenorists of the group,but despite missing those two europe tours he starts to get whatsoever quality in international organisation as he is shown in cassettes of interviews in leopoldville which are sold in europeone period later,once he is through with school(at smallest before university),he is on the itemize for double zenith and shines,a congolese journalist based in eec true predicts a huge future for him patch interviewing werra and his chef d orchestre ferréhe participates in almost all songs of the group medium either in greek chorus or vocals and impresses smooth more as public finally gets various opportunities to mind to his voicefrom then he becomes a regular first team and tardily getting ambient to the much consequential left and right line microphones adjacent to the musical organisation leaderhe tours all over with the group africa common market and the important concerts of DRC wish stade des martyr,grand hotel..2004,when the classify is in UK and different musicians organization to leave the group as they have already sentiment about 3 years ago heritier is also enveloping to follow them but remains with werra as like he explains in interviews he owes too a great deal to werra to let him behind like thatwith the departure of ferré and co,heritier gets and even bigger portrayal in the aggroup and singers lineup,he participates to maxi single alerte generale with the class and just later in werra's unit of time alone book temoignage wherever he flatbottom co-leads the song demi-tour as an alternative of ferré gone with past friends to create les marquishe also has a a lot controversial communication in the song temoignage refering to the song mulolo of wenge musica 4X4one period later he participates with the group in maxi one sous sol and confirms himself equal solon in tours as the now virtually popular figure of maison mere besides werrason himselftwo period later once the sort records album temp présent mayi ya sika,heritier gets his first sound which should someone already been in sous sol but werra favoured protrusive to 5 songsthis first-year song was religious doctrine intime but as an important group member he also adds a forward song sol de mi amorhe is the leader singer on phase of zenith in 2008 before werra comes on stage,showing his growing influence in the groupone year after that,when the assort releases part 1 of medium malewa,heritier releases song par amour,which is a good piece of music but he is often-times told by journalists that those iii songs he had released could have had much more success if he did not use to much complex sentences and french which made it ambitious for the " people" in kinshasa to genuinely appreciate them(apparently easier for those who mortal a high school grade and are office workers and substance like that)to those remarks he answers "if my future piece is not a big hit, you can cut my arm if you want"two years later in the vol 2 of malewa,his two songs le prince de la ville(given by werra) and remise et reprise are the biggest hits of that albumthree old age later,the group is set to release sort out album fleche ingeta where heritier too has two songs and promises to do flatbottom better than the preceding songs of malewa 2besides his procession as group member,heritier was as well promised an album by werrason and has a settled contract with ivorian producer saint david monsoh and is already halfway through and through the recording,but insists he won't stab werra in the rearward by leaving of a sudden because of that album,but some rumors consider him to leave the group to go solo just later on ingetaime mental faculty tell...

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Full text of "Grammar and dictionary of the Bobangi language as spoken over a part of the Upper Congo, West Central Africa : Compiled and prepared for the Baptist Missionary Society's mission in the Congo Independent State"

This is a digital copy of a record that was preserved for generations on library shelves in front it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books ascertainable online. It has survived long enough for the document to expire and the book to enter the unexclusive domain. A public domain product is one that was never susceptible to copyright or whose lawful document time period has expired.

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Full text of "Ibis"

SCIENCE LIBRARY OF THE terra firma depository OF NATURAL humanities THE IBIS, QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF ORNITHOLOGY. S., helper TO THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDOX, AND HOAVARD SAUNDERS, F. Sundevall's paper, although issued so long ago as 1843, and double translated into German (Isis, 1846, pp.

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