The hairy ape goodman theatre

The acclaimed Chicago theatre company, The Hypocrites, stages a new account of full general O'Neill's The fuzzed Ape, opening Feb. 7, as location of Goodman Theatre's multi-company 21st-century consideration of the plays of O'Neill, the centerpiece of which is Goodman's new Desire subordinate the Elms. Sean Graney directs the 1922 expressionist play, The fuzzed Ape, acted by an all-Chicago cast led by Chris Sullivan as Yank, the legal document role. According to Goodman, "Graney's output transforms Goodman's three-tiered Owen Bruner theatre into the different strata of an ocean liner." "Ninety days afterwards it was freshman produced, The Hairy Ape remains a relevant, contemporary play," director Graney said in production notes.

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Photo Flash: The Hairy Ape At The Goodman Theater

The furry Ape follows the saga of Yank, a maritime laborer who questions his geographical region in high society when proprietary as "a filthy beast" by the rich girl of a steel industrialist. In a serial of digit scenes, O'Neill chronicles Yank's battle with "the frail condition," caught location between his own archaic nature and the more intellectually based-and showing emotion vacant-upper classes. Rejected by the burgher of Fifth boulevard as well as his fellow workers, yankee at long last seeks comfortableness from the only someone with whom he finds kinship: an ape in the primal Park Zoo.

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The Hairy Ape - The Hypocrites

Chicago-based The Hypocrites transmute the sir richard owen into an ocean piece of material for their mesmerizing exhibition of The Hairy Ape. The actors perform from the floor and balconies, while the audience volition be sitting on stage to watch the history of Yank- a laborer on an body of water liner- who is rejected as a “filthy beast” by both the bourgeois of New York’s Fifth boulevard and his fellow temporary men. In his dejection, Yank determines that he would rather insight solace in the stifling embrace of a pongid than live a lonely, desperate life.“…O’Neill’s unrestrained use of Expressionism (think comedy with a jagged edge) is ideally appropriate to Sean Graney and his troupe, the Hypocrites, who forever try to reveal the animal cloaked to a lower place seemly frail clothing.” – Hedy Weiss, boodle Sun Times “Watching The Hypocrites’ searing version of city O’Neill’s “The hirsute Ape” isn’t easy.

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The Hairy Ape, Freshly Groomed by The Hypocrites, Opens Feb. 11 in Chicago | Playbill

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