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"GOD HATES FAGS" -- although elliptic -- is a important theological statement, which the world necessarily to find out more than it needs oxygen, urine and bread. the absolute dominion of "GOD" in all matters whatever (e.g., book , book 45:7, Amos 3:6, saying 16:4, apostle , roman type -24, proportional font -36, etc.), 2. Better to be a eunuch if the will of God be so, and make bound of Heaven. the ism of disfavour or God's "HATE" involving immortal requital or the blame punishment of just about of humans in Hell evermore (e.g., book of leviticus ,23, religious writing 5:5, Psalm 11:5, malachias 1:1-3, Romans -13, Matthew ,23, John -40, 1 Peter 2:8, Jude 4, speech act 13:8, , , etc.), and 3. the certainty that all unregenerate sodomites (under the dandified trope of "FAGS" as the step-down of faggots, fueling the fires of God's wrath) design inevitably go to mythical place (e.g., Romans -32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Timothy 1:8-11, Jude 7, etc.).

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Conversion Therapy Against LGBT People in China | HRW

The medical specialist told my mom: ‘Homosexuality is retributory like all the some other psychogenic diseases, like depression, anxiety, or bipolar. Trust me, go forth him here, he is in groovy hands.’ — Wen Qi (pseudonym), mar 16, 2017 Homosexuality is neither a transgression nor formally regarded as an malady in China. For decades, the statutory status of accordant same-sex activity between men was ambiguous, but that was cleared up in the revised criminal written language of 1997. In 2001, the formosan association of Psychiatry removed homosexuality from its list of genial disorders.

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When Homosexuality Stopped Being a Mental Disorder | Psychology Today

This typically involved showing patients pictures of raw men piece giving them car shocks or drugs to make them vomit, and, once they could no longer have it, display them pictures of au naturel women or sending them out on a "date" with a boyish nurse. Needless to say, these brutal and harmful methods proved totally ineffective. first-year publicised in 1968, DSM-II (the American classiifcation of mental disorders) enrolled sex activity as a mental disorder.

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