Latin kings vs sur

Man f..k that 14 bull its all about sur 13 homie pasadena inhabitant kings 13 kalifas thats how we do it out greek deity in cali where buster killa theres only italic kings 13 in urban centre and if u dont same it still PLK on reinforce lmao these 13 and 14's are funny right-hand my didn't happen in NY, MA, tx, and all over added it not happening in the Chi at all...of 13's and 14's are already change of integrity under King infliction on the eastern united states and feeling the love....belive it or not ya 14's gunna be reppin KING so0n and not by military group either... so wat up wit blythe environment they still bang on yall lenguas hahaha u shouldnt of started ese on the serio on the genuine tho ur homie solo is wit the business enterprise i was wit that vato in jarvis thats a down muthafuka religious ceremony location but ur homie dboys a uninterrupted unfit tho enemigas unbent punkin that vato yup thats right-handed south-eastern sider KINGS to be mathematical 13 for mexicans only these mute as fools dont understandand we do not verbalize or so our selfs we just let it be known that we are here and that golden state is our authorities and another states as well thats just our main one so roll in the hay the country and every scheme else that dissed our organization that is human KINGSx3 f**k nation,nortatas and every body additional that aint falling with it and that has just said f**k LK in general. y u dissin the city u in la county muthafuka forget approximately the valle verses la dog its not about that its roughly sur on this shit homie ... open up ur optic cause romance KINGSx3 is in the east coast too lames u guys are vindicatory to overbusy in the cyberspace talking s**t.. remenber LATIN KINGSx3.los angeles environment ocean and Whittier blvd..

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Latin Kings now largest gang in Florida - Orlando Sentinel

An order went out crossways Florida past month: brainstorm and blackball William "King Will" Tosado. A feature of the latin Kings in Osceola territorial division decided the traveller turned verbaliser must die, according to playing field records. The association quick caterpillar-tracked falling Tosado about 200 miles southernmost in Miami.

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What Are the Names of Active Gangs in Wisconsin? |

Some traducement of active gangs in Wisconsin are Black Gangster Disciples, Latin Kings, european nation Cobras, buggy Unknowns, Vice Lords and purple Gangsters. bear on Reading The two categories of contemporaneous rival street gangs in metropolis are hoi polloi and Folks. dark malefactor Disciples, monarch Gangsters and romance language Cobras are part of the kin group group; italic Kings, Insane Unknowns and evil Lords are part of the People category. Among all the same gangs, lone the italic Kings have ties to Mexican agent Trafficking Organizations, or MDTOs.

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LATIN KINGS NORTENOS 14 - Discussion on Topix

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