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As I was walking to my car after my appointment Date online Shreveport LA thought, I sure am happy I come here. I get warm friendly service and gentle, thorough care throughout my visit. Chan and his staff are the best.

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Get the smile you have always wanted by visiting us at Ora Detroit Michigan asian dating free in Elk Grove. You deserve a smile that looks great and benefits your appearance. Whether you just need to brighten teeth that are stained or dull, or you need a complete smile makeover, we can help.

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Whether you call it soda, pop or cola, this popular carbonated beverage can be refreshing to your taste buds but horrendous for your teeth.

Customer reviews

While you may know the risk for free Haven phone chat lines and diabetes when drinking large amounts of soda, the damage this drink can do to your teeth can be just as unsettling. According to a recent study, on any given day, Regardless of whether you prefer Sprite, Coke, Dr.

Pepper or Pepsi, the combination of sugars and acids in these beverages can wreak havoc on your teeth. In fact, soda causes an irreversible erosion Minneapolis MN dating scene your tooth enamel, which is its outermost layer of protection. The sugars in soda combine with the bacteria that naturally exists in your mouth to form harmful acids that attack your smile.

While your tooth enamel is incredibly strong, it will slowly weaken and destruct under the persistent acid baths of soda.

These acid attacks date native Chicago Illinois girl especially harmful for kids and teens because their tooth enamel is still developing. What is the big deal with enamel erosion? When tooth enamel is eroded, it is softer and weaker.

This makes it more vulnerable to decay and infection. In addition, acid erosion can change the way your teeth look. You may notice your teeth are more dull or yellow than they once were after drinking a lot of soda. They can both produce damage, yet the darker sodas will have a larger tendency to stain your teeth.

Cracked tooth repair

When it comes to diet soda versus regular soda, resist the temptation to be fooled. At Laguna West Dental Care, we are realistic about patients drinking sodas. Sometimes you just need a large Coke in the high Lubbock free online your pizza or popcorn. However, we do recommend several ways to minimize the damage these drinks can have on your smile, such as drinking through a straw, drinking more water and maintaining strong oral hygiene habits.

Call today to learn what you can do to protect your teeth despite your love for carbonated sodas! Phone: As I was walking to my car after my appointment I thought, I sure am happy I come here.

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I get warm friendly service and gentle, thorough care throughout my visit. Chan and his staff are the best.

We've been so very happy with Dr. You and his staff since we moved to Sacramento qq dating Danbury ! We've followed him to the current location in Laguna I have no hesitation in recommending their services!

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In my 65 years on the planet, and hundreds of hours in former dentists' offices, Dr. You and his staff are by far the best I've ever encountered. My very recent crown replacement was percent pain free! All phases of treatment, from removal picking up girls in the Tallahassee the old crown, mold taking and making, to the permanent placement with my brand new well-matched molar, was seamless.

I respect and applaud Laguna West Dental Care for taking such talented care of me. Since retiring, I drive and hour and a half each way to continue to see Dr. You and his entire staff No better dentist and hygenists in Sacramento and I have tried others over the years.

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Thank you for a great experience each and every time Laguna West! But, after switching to Dr. Chan inI really couldn't be happier and don't dread dental appointments anymore.

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Chan is gentle and exceptionally good at giving shots that I can barely feel. He even calls me in the evening after every procedure to make sure I'm doing okay.

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The staff is friendly and caring and the facilities are nice. Highly recommended. We've been patients of Dr. You and Dr. Chan since my son was in kindergarten - now a Sex meeting Rosa employee.

Cosmetic dentist

Everyone on the staff is great. I had one bad experience with a dentist referred by my insurance co. Consider this mine to you -- Laguna West is an excellent choice! Name required.

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required. Rate your experience required 5 stars 4 stars 3 stars 2 stars 1 star. Describe your experience required.

Patient reviews

I have gone to LW for many years. Wonderful Dentists. Have recommended friends to go there for their dental needs. All staff are friendly and professional. The dental care, equipment, and facility are excellent. I have been a client for several decades now. Anyone would be privileged to receive such service. Yes, cousins on my father's side are cousins to Dr. Chan on their online dating in Bend for free side, but does that really invalidate my observation, experience, and opinion?

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Go and see for yourself. My wife and I have been going to Dr. You for over 5 years and we've always been satisfied with the Service, Staff, and the friendly atmosphere in their office.

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You does an excellent job of keeping you informed on work he is doing as well as any recommendations he my have. He has always come across with bg Laredo TX dating best interests on service and costs without ever seeming 'pushy' about being concerned about a higher priced alternative. Very consumer oriented dental service provider.

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FYI, my wife and I drive from Vallejo for our dental appointments. Now I have a terrific bite and I'm never afraid to smile! How Soda Saddens Your Smile. July 28, How Soda Saddens Your Smile Whether you call it soda, pop or cola, this popular carbonated beverage can be refreshing Rockledge hookup your taste buds but laws for dating a Rockford IL for your teeth.

How soda saddens your smile

Does the Type of Soda Matter? Make an Appointment With Us Now!!! Call us Book an Appointment. Suzanne B. Jennifer B. Stephanie O. Janet S. Norman H. Carol D. Write a review. All reviews.

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