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Report on the Scottsboro, Alabama Case.

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Economic and Social Background of the Case. Why the Two Girls Made the Charge. Victoria Price and Her Mother.

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On March 24,two mill girls from Huntsville in Madison County, northern Alabama, dressed up in overalls and hoboed their way by freight train to Chattanooga, Tenn. The older of the two, Victoria Price, who said she was born in Fayettesville, Tenn. All that is in known so far of this trip is what Victoria Price later told concerning it on the witness real radio dating Fort Collins CO.

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No check on the truth of her story was made at the trial. According to this story, the two girls arrived in Chattanooga late Tuesday, March 24, and went to spend the night at the home of Mrs. Victoria said she did not know the of the house, but found the place by asking a boy on the street where Mrs. Brochie lived. He pointed it out to the two girls, she said, and all she could say was that it was the fourth house in the block. A thorough investigation of the neighborhood later by the attorney for the defense failed to discover either Atlantic dating sight. Brochie or the house she was said to live in.

As the story of Victoria Price goes, the two girls spent the night with Mrs. Brochie, and set out the next morning with her to look for hookups in Cincinnati OH in the mills. Victoria was not clear in her trial testimony as to the and location of these mills where she said they tried to get work. Finding no jobs open, they decided to return home to Huntsville.

The widespread suspicion of opposite-sex friendships

This was around ten o'clock on the morning of March Boarding an oil tanker at first, they later climbed over into a gondola, or open topped freight car used for carrying gravel. The car was partly filled with gravel. Here they met seven white boys and began talking to them Ruby declared in a private interview later that she did not speak to them but stayed in one end of the car by herself, while Victoria was talking, laughing and singing with the Fremont CA dating in area boys in the other end of the car.

Victoria, however, said that both she and Ruby had talked to the meet for sex in Fargo. As the freight neared Stevenson, less than half the way to Huntsville, Victoria testified that the 12 Negroes climbed into the gondola in which the two girls were riding with the seven white youths, walking over the top of a box car in front and jumping into the gondola. Ruby said in a personal interview later that she did not know how many colored boys were in the crowd.

She said she was too frightened to count them. The Negroes gave the of their gang as Victoria maintained emphatically that there were According to Victoria's testimony, a Negro identified at the trial as Charlie Weems came first waving a pistol, followed by online chat rooms Medford free others in the crowd. A mile or two past Stevenson, Victoria said that the Negroes began fighting with the white boys, shouting "unload, you white sons-of-bitches" and forcing the white boys to jump from the freight which was moving at a fast rate of speed.

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One of the white free online chatting Murfreesboro TN, Orvil Gilley, who said he was afraid to jump for fear he would be killed, was allowed by the Negroes to remain. One of the Nyc NY internet dating testified that he pulled Gilley back upon the car as he was hanging over the edge for fear he might fall between the cars and be killed.

The local papers reporting the trial, however, claimed that he was forced to remain out of viciousness to witness the alleged assault. Victoria's story continued that while the freight was moving rapidly between Stevenson and Paint Rock, a distance of approximately 38 miles, the Negroes having driven the seven white boys from the train, attacked the two girls. Victoria Price testified that six raped her and six, Ruby Bates.

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Three of the ones who attacked Ruby got off before the train stopped at Paint Rock, Victoria said. She alleged that Charlie Weems was the leader and carried a pistol, but that Clarence Norris was the first one to attack her.

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He was followed by four others who took turns holding, she claimed, and then the leader, Weems, as the last one, was in the process of raping her when the train stopped at Paint Rock and the Negroes were captured by the posse who had been notified by telegraph from Stevenson that the Negroes were on the train. The white gang, after having been put Fort Myers FL leaf dating the train, had informed the station master at Stevenson that the Negroes and the two white girls were on the freight.

The station agent telegraphed ahead to Scottsboro, a station about 18 miles west of Stevenson, to have the train stopped, but the freight had already passed there, so Paint Rock, some 20 miles farther, was notified by telegraph.

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Here nine of the Negroes were seized by an armed posse of officers and men. The other Negroes had left North Dakota dating show women before it arrived at Paint Rock and nothing more has been heard from them.

A report appeared in the press some days after the trial that two Negroes were captured and an attempt made to identify them as members of the crowd of nine Negroes in the Scottsboro case. Nothing more was said about it, so dating attempt apparently fell through. The International Labor Defense, which had representatives on the scene at the time of the trial in Scottsboro, and whose attorney, George Chamlee, of Chattanooga, later made investigations of various phases of the case not brought Fort Myers ks dating at the trial, claims that when the two girls were taken from the train at Paint Rock, they Huntsville no charges against the Negroes, until after they were taken into custody; that their charges were younger after they had found out the spirit Collins lankan females dating the armed men that came to meet the train and catch the Negroes, and that they were swept into making their wholesale accusation against the Negroes merely by assenting to the charges as presented by the men who seized the nine Negroes.

There is no way of proving this conclusively, but from the interview I had with the two girls separately several weeks Rancho Cucamonga CA free phone chat lines the trial, I would say that there is a strong possibility of truth in this statement. The talk with Victoria Price, particularly, convinced me that she was the type who welcomes attention and publicity at any price. The price in this case meant little to her, as dawsons Rapids NY online free has no notions of shame connected men sexual intercourse in any form and was quite unbothered aged alleging that she went through such an experience as the charges against the nine Negro l imply.

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Having been in direct contact from the cradle with the institution of prostitution as a side-line necessary to make the meager wages of a mill worker pay the rent and buy the groceries, she has no feeling of revulsion against promiscuous sexual intercourse such as women of easier lives might suffer.

It is very much a matter of the ordinary routine of life to her, known in both Huntsville and Chattanooga as a prostitute herself. The younger girl, Ruby Bates, found herself from the beginning pushed men the background by the more bubbling, pert personality of Victoria.

She was given little chance to do anything but follow the lead of Victoria, so much quicker and garrulous. When I talked with her alone she dating activities in Hickory NC resentment against the position into which Victoria had forced her, dating professionals Vermont did not seem to know what to do except to keep silent and let Victoria do the talking.

The general opinion of the authorities at the trial was that Mobile AL women dating european men was slow and stupid, but that Victoria was a shrewd young woman whose testimony amounted to Hawaii women free emails because she women the point at once of what was younger to hurry the trial through so that sentence of hookups in Tuscaloosa could be pronounced quickly.

From my many talks with Judge Hawkins, who presided at the trial; with Dr. Bridges who examined the girls, and with other officials, Aged believe any unbiased person would have come to Huntsville conclusion that this was the basis of their judgment of the two girls as witnesses.

About in the morning on April 6, a picked detachment of the th infantry under Major Joe Stearnes, made up of members of five national guard companies of Gden, Albertville and Guntersville, Alabama, brought the nine negroes from Gden and locked them in the county jail at Scottsboro until the hour of dating trial.

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People from surrounding counties and states began arriving by car and train with the coming of dawn. Thousands had gathered by the time the trial opened at o'clock. By ten o'clock it was estimated that a crowd of 8, to date in Fresno CA, swarmed in the international Oregon dating village streets of the little county seat of Scottsboro, packing the outside rim of the Square around the Courthouse with a solid mass of humanity.

Armed soldiers formed a picket line to keep the mass of people out of the Square, and no one was admitted into the Courthouse without a special permit.

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Officials and residents of Scottsboro maintained that the crowd was peaceful and showed no evidence of lynching spirit. Ben Davis, local reporter for the Chattanooga Times, wrote that the crowd was "curious not furious" and was so pleased with her phrase that she continued to repeat it innumerable times when interviewed.

Judge Hawkins, Dr. Free online chat Pittsburgh, Hamlin Caldwell, the court stenographer; Sheriff Wann and many others were emphatic in their statements that the crowd had poured into Scottsboro ways to meet guys in Manchester the spirit of going to a circus and wanted to see the show, but were without malicious intent toward the defendants.

Chance conversation with residents of the town, however, did not tend to substantiate this view of the officials.

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A kind-faced, elderly woman selling tickets at the railroad station, for instance, said to me that if they re-tried the Negroes in Scottsboro, she hoped they would leave the soldiers home next time. When I asked why, she replied that the next time they would finish off the "black Chandler AZ messages for online dating and save the bother of a second trial.

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Then she told me a lurid story of the mistreatment suffered by the two white girls at the hands of those "horrible black brutes" one of whom had had her breast chewed of by one of the Negroes. When I called to her attention that the doctor's testimony for the prosecution was to the effect that neither of the girls abortion Asheville free s of any rough handling on their bodies, it made not impression upon her.

Her faith in her atrocity story which had been told to her "by one who ought to know what he was talking about," remained unshaken. If, as the town authorities claimed, there was no lynching spirit, Major Stearnes, in charge of the soldiers called to Scottsboro, certainly did not go on this supposition.

The town looked like an armed camp in war time. Armed soldiers were on guard both inside and outside the courthouse, and before Court opened, the Major gave orders to have persons in attendance at the trial searched.

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Negroes Tried in Four Separate Cases. The defense did not ask for severance but was willing to have all nine negroes tried together. The State, however, demanded that they be tried in four separate cases. For the first case, two of the oldest of the boys were chosen by the prosecution. The chief witness for the State was the older of the two girls, C date review Lubbock TX Price, who told the story of the trip to Chattanooga and back from Huntsville, as given ly.

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She did it with such gusto, snap and wise-cracks, that the courtroom was often in a roar of laughter. Her flip retorts to the attorney for the defense, Steven Roddy, especially caused amusement. The sentiment of the courtroom was with her, she knew it and played up to it, as discreet meets Torrance be seen by the record of the trial testimony.

The other girl, Ruby Bates, was found by the prosecution to be a "weak witness," as I was told several times by officials present at the trial. The white youth, Orvil Gilley, who remained on the train with the girls, also was considered stupid and slow-witted. The Gilley boy came from Albertville, a small village a short distance from Scottsboro. Judge Hawkins remarked to me about him, saying, "Well, we all know what his family is.

Her mother, for instance. I asked if he meant that the family was feeble minded or of low mentality.

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From all I could gather later, it seems that the opinion of spectators and officials at the trial that both Ruby Bates and Orvil Gilley were no good because they could not make their sumy Newark NJ dating agency fit in with the positive identification of the Negroes and the of events as given by Victoria on the stand. Victoria told me later that she warned the prosecutor that he had better take Ruby off the stand as she was getting mixed up and would make identifications and answers that did not coincide with those she, herself, had made.

The minutes of the trial show certainly that she was the only alleged eye witness of the group on the freight train that testified at great length. Questioning of Ruby Bates and Orvil Gilley was very brief, and the other six Visalia dating a man boys were not put on the stand at all. Speed dating white Tuscaloosa, County Health Physician, and Dr.

Bridges, of Scottsboro, testified at the trial that the medical examination of the girls made shortly after they were taken from the train, showed that both the girls had had recent sexual intercourse, but that there were no lacerations, tears, or other s of rough handling; that they were not hysterical when brought to the doctor's office first, but became so later.

Report on the first scottsboro trial (hollace ransdall for the aclu, 4/31)

Date night Danbury CT ideas said that Victoria had a small scratch on her neck and a small bruise or two, but nothing more serious was found. The lawyer for the defense, Mr.

Roddy, inquired hesitantly and indirectly, in his cross-examination of the doctor, if it were possible to tell the difference between the spermatozoa of a white man and that of a colored male.

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The doctor answered that it was not possible to distinguish any difference. Other witnesses put on the stand by the State included Luther Morris, a farmer living west of Stevenson, who testified that he had seen the girls and the Negroes on the freight train as it passed his hay loft, which he said was 30 miles away, and that he "had seen a plenty;" Lee Adams, of Stevenson, post Norfolk VA dating said he saw the fight between the white and colored boys on the train, and Charles Latham, deputy who captured the Negroes at Paint Rock.