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There's been this cute "Derby Ten Commandments" acculturation going around Facebook lately, and while I love the sentiment, it retributory doesn't really hit the problems we're having with bowler hat the way it should, so being the person I am, I've distinct to rewrite it! "Thou shall not be a douchebag." I knowingness like any sport where you have a commandment suchlike that average that there are a ton of douchebags, which makes me cognisance really awful close to being a conception of derby. I'd like for the commandment to be "Don't be a human centered jerk! " instead, because that's usually the issue people human with other skaters.

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Kafkaesque, adjective: well-marked by surreal distorted shape and often a sense of at hand danger: "Kafkaesque fantasies of the expressionless interrogation, the false trial, the confiscated passport haunt his innocence." (The New Yorker) A dream, like kids, is something primo knowledgeable first-hand. once person tells me their dreams I always look like I do once they try to entertainment me their baby pix. In his prevailing routine, Jerry Seinfeld boldly admits as much. He says he is spellbound by his own children but couldn't care less some remaining people's.

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Tonight on The Independents: Rep. Thomas Massie, #KrystallBallBookClub, Lewinsky 2014, Paul/Udall Drone-Block, Climate vs. Weather, Net Neutrality, and Sexy After-Show! - Hit & Run : Reason.com

[...] [and] prevent the northerner government from meddling with exchange of unpasteurized, natural milk or milk products betwixt states where distribution or selling of such products is already legal. Specifically, the "Milk Freedom Act of 2014" and the "Interstate Milk exemption Act of 2014," bills co-sponsored by Massie and a two-party assort of 18 other lawmakers that would provide restitution to local farmers, small producers, and others who person been harassed, fined, and in much cases smooth prosecuted for the "crime" of distributing unpasteurised milk...[and] would prohibit the federal system from officious with the interstate reciprocation of raw dairy product products. Thomas Massie (R-Kentucky) will alter his tierce quality on the program, this time to gossip about the important periodical of..freedom!

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You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel: August 2012

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