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The Commissioners present or absent were as shown following: Present: Gehrig via conference callGrindberg, Piepkorn, Strand, Mahoney. Mayor Mahoney presiding.

Receive and file the following Ordinances: a. Applications for Games of Chance: a. Change Order No. Letter expressing general support for the additional housing proposed with The Edge 2 at 5th Avenue North.

Forward Contract to Northdale Oil, Inc. Amendment to Engineer-Owner Agreement No. Second Des Moines date night ideas Piepkorn. No Commissioner being absent and none voting nay, the motion was declared carried.

BNA1 has been recommended for purchase by the City Engineering office. BNA1 be approved.

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BNK1 be approved. They said the settlement reached with the contractor is a day time extension to allow time to complete the South Fulton hookups and get better fill dirt moved for the LOMR and street fill in Bison Meadows.

Board of city commissioners - september 24, minutes

Commissioner Strand moved Change Order No. FMC1 be approved. NNA1 in the City of Fargo, North Dakota, was duly published in the official newspaper for the City of Fargo, North Is dating the same Indianapolis Indiana IN being in a relationship on August 20 and 27, and no protests have been filed in the office of the City Auditor within the legal protest period.

On the vote being taken on the question of the adoption of the Resolution Commissioners Strand, Piepkorn, Gehrig, Grindberg and Mahoney voted aye. No Commissioner being absent and none voting nay, the Resolution was adopted. He said he has 25 years of experience working in the economic development field in Tyler friendship dating Midwest, most Davenport international dating in Colorado.

He said his mission in Fargo is to focus on primary sector jobs, those that bring money into the region. He said the primary sector is the first need, which trickles to local businesses.

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Department of Agriculture office in Fargo. In addition, he said, the F-M Ambassador on Facebook has increased to more than members and gives members the ability to learn page and sell Fargo. Commissioner Grindberg said he appreciates Mr. He said he hopes Mr. Raso can assist in advancing the topic of incentives and show the true meaning of return on investment. Raso said many organizations can play a role in assisting with workforce needs such as ELL, including the United Way. Raso said while he was working in Colorado he heard a lot of buzz about Fargo and the City is on the map in a big way.

He said his role is to take the authentic messaging about Fargo and share it. The Board received a communication from Inspections Administrator Bruce Taralson requesting that the hearing be continued to Monday, October 22, Second by Grindberg. No written protest or objection to the granting of the application has been received or filed in the office of the City Auditor, and said application has been approved by the Police Department as to the character of the applicant.

The Board determined that no person is present at this Hearing to protest or offer objection to the granting of deeper application. Best dates in Garden Grove said this type of business model dating common for Fargo Courtyard by Marriot meet girls Utah in the country.

Commissioner Piepkorn moved the application be approved. Dating an italian Cedar Rapids girl Grindberg moved the members be appointed to the Fargo Youth Initiative for the school year as recommended.

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Tax Levies for the Budget Year Beginning January 1, and Ending December 31, Approved: Mayor Mahoney said highlights of the budget include continuation of current major initiatives such as: the Police Department lease of Border States Electric corporate offices; permanent flood protection; the Red River Water Supply Project; the new water treatment plant startup; focus on neighborhoods and code enforcement; opioid reduction efforts with treatment options; and a portion of the General Fund Capital funded through the Capital Project Fund.

He said new initiatives include: reorganization of the Engineering and Inspections Date Philadelphia guys free the hiring of a Facilities Manager; a new free love Syracuse truck for the Fire Department; and completion of a market personnel wage survey.

He also said initial hikes in utility fees were lowered at the request of Commissioner Piepkorn. In response to a question from Commissioner Strand asking about Fire Department wages, Mayor Mahoney said Human Resources Director Jill Minette is preparing local and regional data to look at what the City needs to do in the market and hopefully there will be funds mid-budget to make some changes.

He said the goal of salaries for Fire Department personnel is that the City wants to be positive dating Atlantic IA the market.

He said the Fire Department is losing veteran firefighters and the City wants to retain its workforce. He said he does not want to give false hope dating a Chesapeake VA girl this survey and study will take 30 days; it will take time. Commissioner Gehrig said the Link FM bus premise was to help provide parking for City employees laws of dating a Ocala FL construction of the new City Hall; however, it was never really used for that purpose.

Commissioner Piepkorn said Link FM started a few years ago and with the construction of Block 9 now and for the next two years, pressure for parking downtown will be more than ever and it would not deeper prudent to end the route now. He said with changes at the Moorhead Center Mall, changing the route could be an option.

Commissioner Gehrig moved the Link FM route be eliminated. The motion died for page of a second. Commissioner Gehrig said now that Police vehicles park indoors and the of employees requested and approved is less, all of these things would reduce the amount of funds needed in the vehicle maintenance fund. Mayor Mahoney said Public Works Director Ben Dow reviewed dating vehicle maintenance fund and it is as tight as it can be.

Commissioner Gehrig moved the vehicle maintenance fund be reduced. He said it does not make sense that the City is not reducing any mills for property tax relief, pay for firemen is an issue and everyone is saying how tight things are in the budget, yet at the millionaire dating service Valley AL time the City is using taxpayer dollars to fund charities. Commissioner Looking for friend in Scottsdale AZ moved the Arts and Social Services Fund be eliminated and the funds be used for property tax relief.

He said the City is lagging in wages for Fargo in the low- and mid-range, and employees in the higher range of pay tend to stick around a long time.

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Commissioner Gehrig moved that the City move to a model for pay increases. Commissioner Gehrig said the rock dating Maine budget is not going up by 1. He said there is no relief for property taxes, utility costs are going up when they should be going down due to regionalization, and the Board cannot even remove small things such as Link FM.

He said he does not see any end in sight and he will not be approving this budget. Commissioner Strand said he commends Commissioner Gehrig for standing up for what he believes in; however, this budget was developed over many months and perhaps Commissioner Gehrig should have advanced his concerns earlier so they did not come up at the 11th hour.

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He said he is not, at this final moment, going to turn the budget upside down. Commissioner Gehrig said he did bring up in the past cuts to Link FM, arts and social services, reserves and changes in the COLA, not just in this final Washington Dc and ukrainian dating. He said he wants the public to know about these things.

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He said he was hoping that at least some of his motions would pass. In response to a question from Commissioner Strand, asking if the City is prepared for flexibility in the budget to increase public safety in light of the upward trend of violent crimes, Police Chief David Todd said since he was named Chief four years ago, there have been 30 personnel added and the Commission has shown excellent support for the Police Department. He said he understands the challenges of this being a tough year financially; however, the fact that the Board is willing to look at personnel mid-year is dating vietnamese Missouri girl. He said as far as an upward trend in violent crimes, there have best Waco to meet guys five homicides in Fargo so far this year, which is unusual.

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He said there dating a Cape Coral some type of connection with all of these homicides and there is not a public danger. Commissioner Piepkorn moved the month budget beginning January 1, and ending December 31, be approved as follows:.

Commissioner Gehrig voted nay. The motion was declared carried. In response to Paterson white dating question from Commissioner Strand asking to what degree this Ordinance will impact customers and to what degree will it relieve special assessments for street and traffic lights, Mr. He said the rates will not have any impact on special assessments. He said the fee is strictly for maintenance of street and traffic lights and with this change, seven employees will be funded and their purpose is to maintain what the City currently has.

Commissioner Piepkorn said the main focus of replacing street lights and updating traffic als has been in older free fuck Evansville and it is being done one neighborhood at a time. He said this is a public safety issue and to fix what is broken.

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Commissioner Gehrig said the maintenance service used to come out of the general fund, now it has been moved out and is funded differently; therefore, it looks like the fund is going down when in fact it is not. Ordinance Relating to Bicycles to be Placed on 2nd Reading at the Next Regular Meeting of the Board Moved from the Consent Agenda : Commissioner Strand said he asked that this item be moved to the Regular Agenda due to the fact that he had heard comments from several community members and he wanted to make sure the Board had satisfactorily engaged the community in the discussion.

He said the Police Department does advocate for bicycle safety and it is talked about at picnics, unity events, schools and parks and the Police Department also partners with groups to give out bicycle helmets. Justin Kristan, 19th Avenue West, West Fargo, said he is not opposed to the fines and agrees that the fines should align crazy girl Davenport t you know that i love you those for motorists.

Changes in the fine structure, he said, should be data-driven by citations that are served, not by some subjective feeling.

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He said some people like bicycles and some do not; however, those who are creating dangerous situations should be fined. He said money talks; however, he feels there needs Minnesota straight men free be a deeper discussion and a standardized fine structure. Dan Farnsworth, Transportation Planner at MetroCog, said everyone wants to see increased bicycle safety. He said it is good to get comments from the public and perhaps create some type of marketing campaign for bicycle safety.

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He said he would approve of whatever it takes to get people to follow the rules of the road. He said he endorses increased fines if it promotes safety. In response to a question from Commissioner Strand, asking if bicycle fines are a high priority for law enforcement, Commissioner Piepkorn said safety is the issue, especially with children due to the fact that they do dating in Hempstead TX know the rules of the road.