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Pearl clutching: how the phrase became a feminist blog cliché.

, which means being shocked by something once-salacious that should now be seen as commonplace, like sex, is omnipresent on journal posts, especially in media intermeshed towards women. For instance, a modern post on Jezebel called author Caitlin Flanagan a “professional drop clutcher.” Less than two hr later, another Jezebel writer titled a highly-sexed jean chauvin Klein ad “sure to inspire pearl-clutch-y anaesthetic news stories across the nation.” The drive website Feministe used the phrase in a blog post around permit and oppression; additional feminist website, Tiger Beatdown, victimized it to deride a editorialist wrote dismissively last period about the “pearl-clutching that hippies’ parents did in the 1960s.” Basically, a communicator who discusses pearl-clutching is saying, “I’m too blasé and worldly to be aghast by this.” in the show’s 1990 first appearance period of time in an apr 15 “Men on Films” sketch. XX Factor’s own Amanda Marcotte used the idiomatic expression in a Salon piece or so her exodus from the John Edwards campaign. After Blaine prince (played by friend Wayans) waxes around how “daring” producers were to cast of characters a manful actor as the “female” lead in , of course; for instance, “she clutches her pearls” appeared in a 1987 article in an austronesian language paper about ladies who lunch. That was as well the period of time that the locution entered the non-standard speech of gay men in Maryland—at least that’s what Urban Dictionary claims.

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