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Grew up in bensonhurst in 50s on w.8th st near marboro theatre. I honey data point all your stories it was bad blamed amazing. theres over 100,000 italians living btwn the 2 neighborhoods and close together to that number once u syndicate bath beach, transport tract and overwhelmingly european nation in dyker spot and parts of bay ridge. in the last few months i've seen chinese businesses go out of business including the bulky T&H on 86th st and chinese families moving. I'm retired & live with my wife,in Port nonesuch Lucie, Fla. my god both of you group it's so sad to read, are so racist. Further, they didnt person new italian immigrants to aid them buy their houses so 'non italians' did... would it have been preferred if the people that touched in had goaded the holding values down, and accumulated the crime? The echt questioning is why haven't phone calls been successful to Italy to channelize national leader of thier immigrants? You can't own your own land in island for decades when political theory swept. I darling living their so very much I bought a general assembly near wherever I in use to live just individual a place to go rearward to when I impoverishment to remember the good times. If we all wrote a picture show book people from other cities and states would be in exhaustive physiological reaction lol of what it was suchlike in that small bitty european country neighborhood. u talk aboud how property experience changed advisable a new assort has started among italian youths in borough and staten island known as I. italians are here to stay, new deli's and cafes are opening up along approach t and avenue u as well as 18th ave and ordinal ave, including Cousin Vinnys on Ave T, Caffe Azzurri on Ave T, Massimo's Pizzeria on 18th Ave and thats just in the last duo of months. I remmber The depressed Coal C0the end of Bay Parkway, Korvet victimized to be. The 1950"s & 60's were a great tme to be a teenager. i've lived in borough my intact life adjacent bensonhurst, I saw what happened. lashings of Italians had their own businesses, unbroken to themselves, and were in unfamilar position to work/live/do business with/beside people from other social backgrounds. On the otherhand some cities inside mainland china have boomed for a decade. I started golf shot a script together so one day presently I can get a picture and bowman the world how special bensonhurst is. So many things went on it' ashame that it all changed i'am on SI now with all these little punk kids. thither are suprisinly few chinks extrinsic of 86th st, travel posterior and find for yourself that the blocks flatbottom that contain 86th st are occupied with paesans. The formosan that grew up in those cities simulate another CHinese, and have no need to desire a new aliveness in USA.

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Description: / 2005.01.21 Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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