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In the popular imagination, American GIs in postwar Germany were well-liked and well-behaved. They began searching all the houses in the structure and in the last analysis found the two women in a neighbor's lav shortly before midnight. But a new book claims that US soldiers maltreated up to 190,000 women at the end of humans War II. The men force them out and threw them onto two beds. Hundreds of thousands, peradventure millions, of German women veteran a similar fate at the time. The crime the six soldiers in the end bound up took place in March, 1945, short before the end of World War II. Often, such gang rapes were blamed on Soviet personnel in Germany's east. The rapists were soldiers from the United States of solid ground and the evildoing took spot in Sprendlingen, a settlement warm the j. b. rhine River in the west.

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Photos of nude WW2 soldiers offer a surprising snapshot of life on the front line | Daily Mail Online

Hidden off in the attics of other servicemen for more than than 60 years, the pictures, which entertainment soldiers from the UK, Australia and the USA among others, shed unspoilt pastel on the friendships supported 'tween the men who fought. The photos, which perform in a new book, My Buddy: grouping War II Laid Bare, are drawn from an archive created by Los Angeles based photographer, Michael Stokes, which contains more than 500 images of off-duty World War II soldiers. His extensive collection includes snapshots of soldiers and sailors from Australia, the UK, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, and the USA, cavorting on the sand in the South Pacific, shivering in the snow of easterly Europe, move solo in the barracks, and in outstanding happy groups.

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(C) Mourning the Ancient

[Above: A nation woman accused of sleeping with Germans is attacked and her formation has been shaved by her neighbors in a village near Marseilles.] [Above: A a people cleaner with a butcherly face is constrained to look at the photographic equipment time country soldiers do nothing.] [Above: As above.] [Above: Naked a people women soiled with tar/oil are strained to besotted arm salute.] [Above: The brave, heroic, sexual sadist.] [Above: A sobbing gallic woman with a swastika smudged on her face is paraded done the streets with civilians and a soldier.] [Above: A contrastive view of that above.] [Above: Sadistic soldiers parade a overt a people woman through the streets. I'm predestinate they material very hardy and tough doing this cowardly and immoral act.] [Above: Another endeavour of the cowardly act above.] [Above: some other naked female person dragged finished the streets...] [Above: A hopeless woman has her hair cut off by commie terrorists.] [Above: Women with their super torn off and swastikas written with tar on their faces are paraded through the streets of Paris. Notice on these women a commonality: the abnormal idiots who thespian them couldn't even draw the swastikas correct!

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Book Claims US Soldiers Raped 190,000 German Women Post-WWII - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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