Japanese girl shrink wrapped

Some couple try all kinds of romantic tricks to prison cell emotion alive for longer, but altaic artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi takes a many more literal approach – he wraps masses in impressionable wrap, sucks out the air and takes photos of their disingenuous bodies. The freakish images of people huddled in collaboration in eldritch positions, in vacuumed plastic wrap may appearance alike stills from a a sado-masochistic practice, but they are Haruhiko Kawaguchi way of showing and preserving the dearest between two people. His project, “Flesh Love”, is pretty straightforward.

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20 Bizarre Images Of Couples Sealed In Shrink Wrap. Are They Dead Or Not?

Conjoined bodies closed in plastic wrap without air, some of you may think that these unconventional looking bodies are d.o.a. but they are not. For a project named chassis Love, Japanese artist Haruhiko Kawaguchi wraps people in fall wrap, sucks out the air by a home appliance and takes photos of their artful bodies. This is Haruhiko’s way of viewing and protective the emotion between two people.

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Japanese couples get shrink-wrapped for Condomania ads

Young nipponese couples get their kit off, before living thing inserted into see-through mouldable futon bags, adopting unusual embraces, existence vacuum-packed and and then snapped by Japanese photographer Hal - all in the name of an ad to promote preventative brand Condomania. If the posters haven’t quite satiate your appetite for watching Japanese people getting shrink-wrapped in plastic, hither is an in-depth video about the making of the campaign.

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Haruhiko Kawaguchi Wraps Love in Plastic Bags And Sucks Out the Air

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