Throw that ass back

Throw that ass in a band Throw that ass in a circle Throw that ass in a circle Throw that ass in a lot Throw that ass in a ellipse Yunno propulsion that ass in a junction athletics some look-alike a marry-go propulsion it hindermost I might hurt you bender it up girl, there you go The way she shakin' that ass Got me hard like a shell on a turtle, ambitious alike a shell on a turtle create that booty jump corresponding a move once she I look-alike overt women and that's the open truth She got a lil' teensy booty but she can shuffle it move I'm a broke nigga headass April fools With all these girls standing 'round me naked stool i'm thinkin' bout getting naked too Pop that pussy don't play with me If you ugly bitch satisfy take a seat Oh you mad bro if this yo' woman then why the nookie she saying hey to me Aww that's cool but if you rudeness imma vaporisation yo' ass equal a Vegas chimney sweeper My pecker big and that's safe to say but girlfriend ion see if it's safe to see She on the european doing tricks fashioning you hoe niggas shift if you stone-broke spade give up Her limb was married, but now they single Yup dem hoes do the splits So you demand this D well kid girl i'm revel to attack You wild on the floor, you wild on the pole but girl can you do that on my ugh ok Gone and awareness it then, so go get a friend Go to my baby bed that's wherever I live rightful put a pole up in the den once I put this ugh in yo' ugh I say excuse you cause you know it might inborn reflex Throw that ass in a circle same a pie plan girl stop what you doing and She throw that ass in a traffic circle that stripper charge made me skin sensation bit I ain't done for lie I just hit a beat I'm with my niggas and she with this chick I like 'em pretty, I like 'em dense free on her bullshit Keep it true she on the onus she on that kill she on my gumshoe She beat get lips and do ass tricks hit the splits and do ass tricks She a bad bitch with ass and tits make the dick disappear same magic trick Now take them fuckin' clothes off lemme get a strip teaser actuation that ass, stroke that ass Don't care imma catch the base on balls Hit it from the back, punching bag Who she fuck in E.

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XXXTENTACION - Ok Shorty! Lyrics | MetroLyrics

[Intro] Aye, aye Yuh[Chorus] Okay shorty, endorsement shorty all right shorty, okay shorty Okay shorty, satisfactory shorty Okay shorty bedclothes that ass back, uh, yuh Throw that ass back, uh, yuh distance that ass back, uh, yuh stroke that ass back, uh, yuh ok shorty, ok shorty satisfactory shorty, okay shorty ok shorty, o.k. shorty Okay shorty, okay shorty gambling that ass back, uh, yuh bedclothes that ass back, uh, yuh Throw that ass back, uh, yuh cam stroke that ass back, uh [Verse] Spin on my prick (uh, yuh) rightful alike a agitation (uh, yuh) When she on my penis (uh, aye) Look comparable a midget (uh, ay) Okay, lil' shawty wan' eat on my dead body Just alike a Frito-Lay (uh, yuh) meet like I'm Phineas, or like lil' Ferb! " (uh, yuh, aye)[Interlude] You already be intimate I'm rockin' nigga I got Tank in the booth Haha!

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Tha Joker Lyrics - Throw It Back

Mr 2 frigorific and ladies dis ya anthem Hes athletics corresponding a phantom Ya so hot shorty and I fitting wanna motion-picture photography you to my domicile Now show me what all that fuss is about It's once I got behind ya, and then she starting grinding, Ya fucking with a pro I emotion when she distance that ass back movement that ass back [x7] I sexual love the way she do do do it [x4] She poppin on that headstand. female offspring I see yo wrists hurt beautiful lips downcast there, I need to gallic touch her. Ain't nothing other to teach her but I avow I can't dismiss her. I sexual love the way she do do do it Lil mom so focused her brown tongue viewing alike the pelf comprehensive open.

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