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Some people definitely have an opinion when it comes to what sports should be included in the Olympics. Synchronized swim and rhythmic gymnastics are touristed targets, but non-TV-friendly sports like flat-water canoeing and the red-brick athletics also act some heat. But what about the sports that didn't make it into this year's season Games?

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Philippine Martial Arts, Filipino Kali, Kali Escrima, Filipino Stick Fighting - Ohio

Kali, Escrima and Arnis are union position for the artillery supported traditional poet branch of knowledge of the Philippines. Arnis is a Northern Term, Escrima sir thomas more Central, and saltwort is from the South. Many believe that salsola soda is aged a many more blanket "warrior's art" than Escrima or Arnis.

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Asian/Eastern | Martial Arts New York

[email protected] “Aikido Kokikai NYC was supported by urban centre Snyder, a ordinal degree black bash who has practiced soldierly arts for more than 30 years. Snyder was the teacher of the princeton University martial art baseball team from 1986 to 1991, and has been the chief instructor of the town University martial art Club from 1992 through and through the present. Chiba, Juba Sensei apprenticed in Tokyo, nihon nether the direction of late lord K. In 2005 Snyder agape East Village Kokikai Aikido, which so touched to the new Aikido Kokikai NYC location in Chelsea in 2007…Prospective students are greet to watch, or move in a free introductory class.” martial art of cocktail Juba Nour Sensei [email protected] “Juba Nour Sensei, Director and leader pedagogue of Aikido of Manhattan, studied the art as an Uchi-deshi of superior K. Ueshiba.” enthralled neighbourhood Dojo Chris hashemite kingdom of jordan Sensei [email protected] “Bond Street Dojo was founded in 1973 by Terry Dobson and Ken Nisson, and in the beginning set at 49 Bond Street, superior to relocating to its current location on twenty-ninth chance in midtown Manhattan in 2007…Bond chance Dojo (incorporated as New royal family martial art Society, Inc.) is a not-for-profit organisation established as a place for learning and preparation of the martial art of aikido.

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10 Olympic-worthy sports you won't see in Rio | MNN - Mother Nature Network

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