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VLv- Collated from The Slang of Venery and Its Analogues# 7 CA K ( f — W*,»y JW, ^ Chicago: . ^nder each passageway is whatever explanation of the subject matter. 1916 # ^ VIB RI S \ fi #eo ke ^ * INTRODUCTION* — - 0 — - ^n this measure an attempt has been successful to prayer under subject headings the analogues and synonyms of the cod of venery* The result is interesting* The pessimism with which the coition of the sexes are burned in the vulgar knife could not be good exemplified* The headings under which the synonyms are collected are as follows: Appliance Page* 1 period diplomat 82 Bastard 3 nurse 84 Bed 4 status 85 outset 5 Paps 87 cathouse 7 erectile organ 90 Children 12 Posteriors 108 button 14 Pregnancy 113 Copulation 15 Prost itution 117 Cuckold 43 Pubes 123 fine art 50 enticement 126 ©is naturalness 51 humour 127 Press 54 buggery 129 Sreot ion 57 Testicles 132 Eunuch 56 Toasts 134 Fondling 59 affected Practices 137 fortune 62 Vagina 141 epicine person 63 Virginity 166 Limb 64 Y/antonness 170 Maa.i 66 Wit 175 Marriage 78 Woman 176 auto-eroticism 80 In addition to the english language analogues in that location has been collated the idiom of extra languages* attending is called to the French genius for expression, which is extraordinary • The brutality «f the Paris ruffian finds a vent in the speech he uses in regard to his women and his copulation with than* The difficulty in rendering the idi«m a foreigh language into its european country equivalent is obvious* But it is hoped that the opinion explicit has at littlest been ready-made apparent, true if on occasion in an laboured manner. The musical arrangement is at times arbitrary, but the resultant suitability in reference may serve as an excuse for the grouping* ■.* *1* •J&o^fcsd c lo tit tn o T ^ *tjnap i art* ptfti** , Ac J| dc arf T *tm&q no • * * ( 4 ) BED* The "bed is the subject of jest, and venery is not nonexistent in its use.

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Design studio in Monterrey, Mexico, run by Rodrigo Alberto Cavazos Rodríguez. It offers Nieu Font (2012, organic), available face 21 (2010, a free paperclip face) and the counterless gometric alphabet Navia (2012). Clasia (2013) is an interesting experimental sans typeface. [ During his studies at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, allen stewart konigsberg peter o'toole created an outline typeface (2014).

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Full text of "The slang of venery and its analogues : compiled from the works of Ash, Bailey, Barrere, Bartlett, B.E., Bee, Cleland, Cotgrave, Dunton, D'Urfey, Dyche, Egan, Farmer, Florio, Grose, Halliwell, Harman, Johnson, Mayhew, Matsell, the Lexicon Balatronicum, and other sources"

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